A love story for the land, over 4 generations

famiglia e storia poggio corbelloOur family’s history goes back to the late 19th century, when our great-grandfather Pasquino left behind a military career to retire to an enchanting little lake that still remained to be discovered, Lake Accesa.

Our great-grandfather was so fascinated with the area that he built the cabin where he lived out the rest of his years.

Pasquino’s son Unico was born a few years after he finished building his cabin in 1898.

With time he added another cabin, and then began building a proper house out of brick, because Unico wanted to stay on the land where he had grown up and raise his own family there;

he married our grandmother Gina and they had four children.

From generation to generation, we have handed down our love and respect for this little corner of paradise, and now, thanks to the new family’s enterprising spirit, we are proud to be able to host you in our newly renovated farmhouse.